February Threads


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Post 1

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Post 2

Ever say something and think “I sound like my mother/father.”?

Post 3

When I wake-up, the first thing I do is ________.

Post 4

There are splurges we’re totally okay with making...what’s yours?!

Post 5

You either love taking a good selfie or hate it. Show a little love for yourself and share your favorite selfie.

Post 6

Are you someone that loves the beginning of the week or end of the week?

Post 7

It’s the month of love! Who is the easiest person to say “I love you” to in your life?

Post 8

Do you prefer a mani or pedi or both?!

Post 9

Share three things you love

Post 10

Two jobs no one loves. Would you rather clean your fridge or your oven?


Post Ideas

Post 1

We have 52 weekends a year.
They come and go so fast!
How fast did this weekend go for you?

Post 2

Failure hurts.
Failure is inevitable.
Failure is the great teacher.
While successes are more celebrated than failures... Failure is the path that leads to success.
Fail forward!

Post 3

Many times people are unsure of what it is that’ll make them happy. Here’s a trick.

Start paying attention to what doesn’t make you happy and do less of that.
Before you know it, you will gravitate towards doing more things that make you happy.

Would you say you spend time doing the things you value most?

Post 4

Everyone is different!
Just be the best version of you.
No one said it better than Dr. Seuss:

“Today you are YOU
that is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is Youer than you.”

Post 5

What would you do if you had an extra day this year?

Well, I hope you meant it because this year you will get that extra day.

Here are some ideas:
Start planning a trip
Meet your partner/spouse for lunch Get a blowout
Create a playlist
Play a game with the kids

Do something JUST FOR FUN!

Post 6

Self care is giving the world the very best of you, instead of what’s left of you.
Make sure you’re making a little time every day to take care of you. The world needs you at your best.

Post 7

Who do you speak to most every day? Yourself.

You speak to yourself more in your head, than you do to anyone else in your entire life.

So, be kind.
Be your own cheerleader, best friend, supporter.
And, if you wouldn’t say it to a friend, don’t say it to yourself.

Post 8

Do you suffer from the thinking the grass is always greener on the other side?

It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others, especially because of social media.

But don’t forget, most people are showing the highlight reel.

Anytime you feel yourself comparing your life to others, stop your thoughts and think about something in your life you’re grateful for.

You’ll no longer be comparing, but rather thinking how much you enjoy your life.

Give it a try.

Post 9

How often do you say, I’m too busy to_____? We all do it.
There are so many times we say we’re “too busy”.

We’re too busy to play a game with the kids, too busy to have a chat with a friend, too busy to meet for lunch, too busy to even think about slowing down.

Don’t let the life you deserve to be living go by the wayside because you’re “too busy”. It’s your life, choose how you’re spending your time.

Post 10

“I’m building a life I don’t need a vacation from.”
Does that type of comment make you want to roll your eyes?

Did you ever think people who are doing that may be onto something?

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have “the Monday blues” or constantly work for the weekend?

Don’t just daydream, work to make your dreams a reality.


Post Ideas

Post 1

Category: Business
Topic: How Much Did I Invest in Starting my Business?

I started my business in ______________ (season/month/year). At the time, I expected _____________ (a big financial layout/that money would be tight/that I’d have to buy a lot of products) and I was _________________ (nervous/anxious/worried about the burden on our finances), but I was pleasantly surprised.

I had to pay a small fee to join my company, which covered ________________ (set up fees/personalised website/starter pack/ training materials) but it was a drop in the ocean compared to starting a business from scratch.

Once registered, I was ready to go. There was no need for me to buy _________________ (100’s of products/personalised business stationery/expensive training courses), all I had to do was start sharing the benefits of the products with my network.

So tell me, if you could launch your own side business for as little as ______________ (insert signup costs for your business), and gain free coaching on how to make it successful, would you consider hearing more?

Post 2

Category: Business
Topic: How I Use Social Media to Build my Business

Social media is such a valuable tool for businesses. It’s free, it’s simple to use, and EVERYONE is using it.

Imagine being able to build a side gig just by _______________ (sharing products you already use and love/posting pictures of your
everyday life/chatting to people on the internet) and on platforms you’re already using anyway!

Today, you can build a business on social media without _______________ (spending hours scrolling/trading family time for Facebook/getting overwhelmed by expensive marketing offers), and make the time you spend online not only fun, but also financially rewarding!

Want to hear more about how you can boost your bank account using Facebook and Instagram?

Post 3

Category: Business
Topic: Why Building a Business Doesn’t Need to be Hard

You don’t need to trade your time for money. It’s all about working smart, not hard. Let me explain.

When I first started out, I felt like ________________ (I needed to know everything/I had to be on every social media platform/I had to be an expert for people to trust me).

Looking back, I realise __________________ (I just needed to know I could reach out to my business partner/I just needed to know where to find the right information to help my customers/I didn’t need to be on every platform, I just had to pick 1 and start/it was the service and care I delivered that built trust).

Today, I work smart by ________________ (putting time aside each week to learn a little more about the customers I help / nurturing the relationships I’ve built with customers and team members so they feel valued).

I no longer feel _______________ (overwhelmed by long to-do lists/like I need to know everything about every product before I can promote them/like I could lose valued customers and team members at any moment).

Post 4

Category: Business
Topic: How My Business Changed My Life

Many people have a lot of things to say about the industry I’m in, and like any industry, there are a small percentage who give it a bad name.
But the majority of _______________ are purely in it to _________________ (help people/build a better life for their families/gain the freedom that comes from being your own boss/ create the sense of financial security that comes from having a Plan B).
The surprising bonus to becoming a _______________ is the personal growth that happens. I’m not sure there is any other industry that promotes ________________ (getting out of your comfort zone and building confidence/feeling the fear and doing it anyway/paradigm smashing for money mindset/creating huge visions for your future) as much as network marketing does.
When I look back to the person I was before I started my business, I see someone who _________________ (lacked confidence/didn’t believe in themself/was always a glass half empty/always made excuses/couldn’t see a better life being in my reach).
Today, thanks to the personal growth journey I’ve been on, I know I _______________ (am capable of achieving my dreams, no matter how big/am able to help more people than I ever imagined/am able to take life’s challenges in my stride/have a much healthier relationship with money/can inspire others to become the next level version of themselves).
Are you ready to make a shift?

Post 5

Category: Business
Topic: When Life Gives You Lemons...

Did you ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go right?
Days when it doesn’t matter how positive you are, how much gratitude you have or how glass half full you normally are, life just keeps delivering lemons.
I had one of those days recently. I started the day with ________________ (a stubbed toe/dropped milk/water pipe leak/ burnt toast/dog poop on the carpet/whatever bad or annoying thing you can add).

Then, I had to deal with ________________ (a flat tire/being called to collect my poorly child from school/a large and unexpected bill/ emergency trip to the vet/missed parcel deliveries/your own list of things that might go wrong in your world).

But there is a silver lining to this story. While the day may have been turned on its head, ______________ (I didn’t have to negotiate time off from my day job/I was able to take time out of my day job and not feel a financial pinch) thanks to having my own business.

Isn’t it time you started working on your side hustle for those days when life gives YOU lemons?

Post 6

Category: Business
Topic: Do you put things off to tomorrow that could be done today?

Do you put things off to tomorrow that could be done today? Newsflash! Everyone does, so don’t beat yourself up but do read on to see if how I deal with my tendency to _____________ (make excuses/scroll social media/be lazy) might help you check out of Procrastination Station.

Procrastination comes from a place of fear, so when we’re putting off things that we know we should be doing, it’s often just because we’re ________________ (scared of being judged by others/ worried that we might not get it right or do a good enough job/ concerned about our ability to handle the workload).

Beating procrastination is as simple as taking the first step. So by _______________ (writing a list of what needs to be done/taking one small action involved with the task/gathering the resources needed to complete the task) you’ll have broken the spell.

You’ll either be happy to keep going, or content with coming back to it now the first step has been taken.
Either way, you win!
Hands up who’s a procrastinator. Are you going to try this tip out?

Post 7

Category: Social Proof
Topic: Shout Out to a Team Mate

The great thing about building my business is that I get to ______________ (help people create a bigger vision for their life/ encourage people to step out of their comfort zone/support people as they build a financially secure future for their families).

But by far the most rewarding aspect is when I get to celebrate a clients success.

_______________ (name of person) joined my programme / course back in ______________ (season/month/year) and _______________ (hit the ground running/quickly got to work/worked hard around his/her other commitments).


______________ (name of person) joined my programme back in _______________ (season/month/year) but ______________ (struggled with self confidence/found it hard juggling commitments/ worried about the judgement of others).

Over the past ______________ (time frame) I’ve watched as she/ he worked so hard and committed so much energy and passion into achieving their goals. Now I get to celebrate with her/him as she/he reaches another level of success.

Congratulations _____________ (name of person)!

Now, which one of you wants to be next?

Post 8

Category: Social Proof
Topic: The Biggest Transformations in my Business

We’ve all seen the before and after posts across social media. People are having great results ______________ (losing huge amounts of weight/toning up and gaining abs/reducing dark circles and wrinkles).
It’s fantastic when you see people stepping out with more confidence and making changes to become healthier, but this is the surface and I’m interested in the deeper transformations. Introducing _______________ (name of the person you want to speak about).
[Here is where you want to talk about the transformation. Start with painting a picture of how things used to be for them and use emotion to describe how the situation they were in made them feel and the impact it had on their life. Focus on what needed to change, without being too doom and gloom.
Follow this with how they came across you & your products, and in particular the products that helped them.
End by painting a picture of how their life looks today. Think upbeat and inspiring. You want the reader to see how you and your products can inspire big transformations in people’s lives]
If any of ______________ (person’s name) story resonates with you, comment below and let’s get you started on your own transformation.

Post 9

Category: Lifestyle
Topic: How I define Success in my Life & Business

Success for me isn’t just about status and money, although they’re both nice to have in abundance.
Success for me means ______________ (being available for my family by not being tied to someone else’s schedule/having the freedom to choose where I focus my passions/having a positive impact on the people around me/being able to give and support foundations, campaigns and charities that are important to me).

I believe that when you are _____________ (following your passions/living in your purpose/doing something you truly love and believe in), life becomes a lot easier and everything falls into place. And if you’re impacting the people around you in a positive way at the same time, you’ll inspire others to follow your lead.

Do you do what you love? Let me know in the comments, and if you’re not doing what you love, tell me what you would be doing if success we’re guaranteed.

Post 10

Category: Lifestyle
Topic: What little luxuries can’t you live without?

Everyone has those little luxuries, the things that make life infinitely better.
It might be _____________ (the fluffy pillow that supports your back when sitting at your desk/the pretty planner and stationary set you keep yourself organised with/the blue cut crystal glass you always drink your gin & tonic/wine from).

For me, it’s _____________ (the particular brand of tea/coffee I have in my favourite cup every morning/my smoothie blender that helps me kick start my day in a healthy way/my super soft and warm slippers that I slip my feet into as I head from my bed to the shower each morning). Just this very simple thing makes me so happy that I feel like I’m missing something when I don’t have it/ them.

The value that this gives me far outweighs the cost, in fact, I’d probably pay way more than I ____________ (did/have/do) to keep that luxury in my life.
Tell me, what’s the little luxury that puts a smile on your face?