Instagram Reels Video Bundle

Product Specs

  • Created: Feb 19, 2023
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About the Product

A collection of 140+ Canva Templates designed for Coaches, Course Creators & Online Entrepreneurs.

This jam-packed Instagram Reels bundle for Canva includes video ideas & templates that are not only beautifully designed, but they're also proven to get results for online business owners. You'll find attention-grabbing graphics that will send your engagement through the roof, based on short-form video trends that are happening right now.

These simple-to-customize templates are designed to help you:

  • Increase¬†engagement on Instagram with stop-the-scroll graphics that are strategically designed to get results
  • Establish your expertise and show up as an industry expert by providing your audience with educational content
  • Increase sales by educating your audience on topics related to your paid program, course, or digital product


  • 55 Title & Cover graphics: give your Instagram Reels videos a more branded style and double them as story posts
  • 33 iPhone Mockups + Step-by-Step Process: educate your audience and provide them with valuable industry tips. Include tech graphics for your Instagram Reels that require a tutorial screen recording
  • 21 Endscreen Thank You & Call-to-Action graphics: encourage your followers to take action, whether that be a follow, a save/share, or a purchase
  • 21 Done-for-you graphics: 3 sets of done-for-you Reels graphics that offer you a quick + simple way to create your next Reels video