Ambassador Email Swipe File

Email #1 (Cold Email)


SUBJECT LINE: Oh p*ss off, not another marketing idiot sliding into my DM’s 

SUBJECT LINE: This was really useful for me {Name}

SUBJECT LINE: I saw this and thought of you {Name}


This is what I DONT want you to think {Name}, so please hear me out…

My name is {insert your Name}, I’m an Ambassador for Easy Peasy Funnels they are an all in one marketing platform for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and marketers. There marketing platform allows users to quickly create high-converting funnels with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

With Easy Peasy Funnels, you can eliminate the need for expensive agencies or developers and take your marketing efforts to the next level.

I’ve spent the last {insert number of years} years as {insert name of your industry / career} which gives me a unique insight into {insert name of your prospects industry}.

I’ve been a fan of {insert name of prospect’s company/business} for years now and I admire your {insert main admiration you have for them}.


The reason I’m messaging you today is because I’d love to show you around the platform and how it could work for your business, and as a Partner to leverage the Ambassador programme.

You can book a call with me, or a member of the marketing team over at Easy Peasy Funnels…

...and honestly {Name}, when I first heard {insert benefit - Choose from “about this all-in-one, I was blown away” or “you could get access to so much incredible value for a lot less than Kajabi, Kartra, Clickfunnels, etc I was blown away”}.

To book your call with me, click the link below:

{insert your personal calendar link}

Or, to speak to Easy Peasy directly, book a call with them using this link:

{insert your Ambassador demo call link}

{Your Name}

Email #2 (for prospects)


SUBJECT LINE: Sanity check time

SUBJECT LINE: Finally, a way to run your business all in one place. Heres how. 

SUBJECT LINE: Does this sound like you? (I hope not)


Hey {Name},

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for ways to grow and improve your

business online (or you’re just getting started), let’s do a little reality check.

Does this sound like you?

{Insert your own list or customise with some of your frustrations before using Easy Peasy Funnels}

1. Doing basic things for your business (like building your website, setting up your email marketing) seems to take forever and you’re tempted to just give up and hire a professional that you can’t truly afford yet.

2. You don’t have a huge budget and are looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality.

3. You’re trying to get ahead but you don’t have the technical know-how to do everything required for your business, yet you’re hesitant to spend money on professionals or invest in expensive tools that might not be what you need.

4. You’d love to get more eyes and ears on your business. You know if just enough people can hear about what you do, everything would change. YET, you don’t know how to create a strong online presence that attracts the right people.

If you can see yourself in this list, then I’m glad you’ve opened this email. Because I can relate.

It was getting so bad, I considered giving up altogether. {INSERT 1-2 sentences about when you realised that you needed to change the way you were running your business or customise the following} trying to figure out all the things I needed to do seemed like an endless task.

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to accept struggle and hustle as some sort of online business “status quo.”

I want to share something with you that changed the game for me. It’s called Easy Peasy Funnels, and it’s an all-in-one marketing platform for {insert the term that best fits yourself/your audience - course creators, coaches, entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketers etc} that streamlined my business.

{insert 2-3 sentences about how Easy Peasy Funnels changed your business, or customise the following} With Easy Peasy Funnels, you can become part of one of the UK’s fastest growing marketing platforms.

They call it a one stop shop. Everything you need is literally inside one place. You can create your website…

... build your lead magnets

... network with a range of business owners

… Schedule your social media for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter

… Capture leads using landing pages, surveys, forms and calendars

… Automatically message leads via voicemail, SMS, emails, FB Messenger & more

… Collect payments, schedule appointments, and track analytics

… Create full featured websites, funnels and landing pages all in one place!

… Drag, drop and capture leads through surveys and capture forms.

… Schedule & capture the appointments all in one straightforward flow.

… Automate engaging follow ups & capture engaged responses from your leads.

… Connect your leads through Phone Connect, Voicemail Drops, SMS/MMS, Emails, and even Facebook Messenger.

… Their fully featured mobile app allows a two way communication with your leads on all devices.

… Automatically book leads and prospects to your calendar without lifting a finger.

… Create text conversations with the goal of placing booked appointments on calendars WITHOUT any human interaction.

… Use the Easy Peasy campaign builder to customise the messaging.

… Create a membership platform.

…Build full courses with unlimited video hosting and unlimited users.

…Offer free and paid courses with unlimited usage

… Have unlimited users, offers, and products for your courses. You can create courses for your clients or for your own business.

… Get all the training and resources you need to start or grow your business

… With the built-in Pipeline Management feature, you can keep track of where the leads are and what stage they are in the sales funnel.

… Integrated directly with Stripe so you can collect payments on websites, funnels, and even when someone books an appointment.

… All the analytics and reposts in one place our dashboard keeps an overview of where the leads are, and how much money has been generated on each phase.

… One-click import from your previous marketing tools.

… Reach out to our support team with our Live Chat options, Email or even Phone to assist even further.

See what I mean by clicking here: {Insert your Ambassador Link}

And whether or not you choose to join Easy Peasy Funnels, I want you to take

away one thing from this email:

You don’t have to sacrifice your life and your sanity just to run a successful business online. There are solutions out there (including Easy Peasy Funnels) that will make your life as an entrepreneur so. much. easier.

Full transparency: As you might imagine, the above link is an affiliate link, and if you sign up, I make a commission as an Easy Peasy Business Ambassador. I only ever recommend products and services that I know, love, and use personally to this day. Easy Peasy Funnels is 100% that.

{Your Name}

PS. If you’re unsure whether Easy Peasy Funnels is for you and have questions, I’m here! Reply to this email and ask away.

PPS. If you’ve heard enough and are ready to join, click on the link here {LINK}

Email #3 (for prospects)


SUBJECT LINE: This software helped me get to the next level 

SUBJECT LINE: Can you relate?

SUBJECT LINE: Is Easy Peasy worth it?


Hey {Name},

I often get asked, Why do I promote Easy Peasy Funnels alongside my {insert

name of your business}? Is it worth it?”.

Here's why I love to share it with my business owner friends (maybe you can relate): {insert 1-2 sentences about what Easy Peasy Funnels has done for your business/what you like best about Easy Peasy Funnels, or customise the following} 

There's no better software out there for bringing all pieces of an online business (website, email, funnels, courses, etc.) under one roof, and getting rid of the challenges that slow you down.

While there are no one-size-fits-all solutions in online business, Easy Peasy Business is a one-stop shop that I've found to help me {insert one sentence about what Easy Peasy Funnels has done for your business or customise the following} get more eyes and ears on my business, than ever before.

And since we're friends, and because Easy Peasy Funnels has made such a measurable impact on my business, I'd like to help you figure out if it can do the same for you.

Here are a few signs you're ready to benefit from what Easy Peasy Business has to offer: {insert your own list or customise the following}

1. You're ready to grow your business, but you don't want to be trapped over working. Easy Peasy Funnels allows you to DIY things (websites, funnels, content, lead magnets etc.) and get a professional result. It's like having a team of developers and designers on your side without the cost or headache.

2. You're overwhelmed with the tech side of your business. I think everyone reaches this point sooner or later - when you can't bring yourself to set up even one more integration. Or a plugin breaks down, and you realise there is no one to call to fix it. At that point, some people get frustrated and quit, and others recognise the difference the right support system can make.

3. You like to see a clear return on your investment. Easy Peasy Funnels is designed to be inclusive for all business owners, meaning we keep our costs low. So when you consider everything it does (coaching, training accountability, tech, templates, networking and more) it can seem almost surprising how low the cost is. Our model allows for low expenses, meaning reduced costs for our member.

4. You want to be with a trailblazing company. Ive never come across an all in one marketing platform that is as committed to constant improvement as Easy Peasy Business. They are always finding ways to make your process smoother and your customers happier.

Seeing some of these signs in yourself? Then get started here: {Insert Ambassador Referral Link}

Full transparency: As you might imagine, the above link is an affiliate link, and if you sign up, I make a commission as a Easy Peasy Business Ambassador. {insert one sentence about your affiliate standards or customise the following} I only ever recommend products that I know, love, and use personally to this day. Easy Peasy Funnels is 100% that.

{Your Name}

PS: If you're unsure whether Easy Peasy Funnels is for you and have questions, I'm here! Reply to this email and ask away.

Email #4 (for referrals once purchased)


SUBJECT LINE: Wanna get the most out of Easy Peasy Funnels? Here’s how...

SUBJECT LINE: The best way to get started with Easy Peasy Funnels.


Hey {Name},

Congrats on starting your journey with Easy Peasy Funnels!

I wanted to quickly share 4 key steps you can take to get the most out of the platform and set your business up for success.

New Easy Peasy Funnel members (like you) see way more success when they take these actions during their initial start up:

1. Take the Getting Started Quiz. This is a dynamic quiz that will ask you 40 questions and generate you a personalised report on how to start using the platform.

2. Register for the weekly welcome call so you can ask any questions you have.

3. Start using the tech, tools and templates: The best way to learn is to start. Don’t worry, you won’t break anything - and if you do - the live support are on hand to guide you through.

4. Refer others to Easy Peasy Funnels: The simplest thing to do. Share your Ambassador referral link with your business buddies and you’ll earn 40% MRR for every recommendation that buys. Trust me, you don’t need to be an expert.

And my final piece of advice for making the most out of the platform: {insert your own advice or customise the following}

Take inspired action. Is it perfect? No, of course not, but what is?

All I know is that it is a better way to launch, grow and scale your digital business. Get that experience and keep moving forward.

If you have any questions, I’m here!

{Your Name}

Email #1 Sequence (for marketing automations)


SUBJECT LINE: Your {Name of Lead Magnet} is here 


Hey {First Name},

Thanks for downloading {insert name of lead magnet used}. Im so {insert your own reason for them to join or customise the following} excited to get you pointed in the right direction when it comes to {insert reason they need your help}.

Thats why I have a few things for you today.

#1 If you want to {insert their major goal} make sure you {access your lead magnet - you can get it here}.

I recommend Easy Peasy Funnels because {insert major benefit to client} which will allow you to focus on the following things:

-   {insert benefit one}

-   {insert benefit two}

-   {insert benefit three}

This approach will help you to get more eyes and ears on your business on a daily basis.

#2 I also want to give you an extra bonus to help you {insert their major goal}.Thats why, when you signup to Easy Peasy Funnels I have created an extra bonus training for you.

(If you do not have an additional bonus or do not want to use ours, miss out

 step 2 and move straight to step 3)

 #3 - Book a demo call {LINK}

If youve been struggling to fix {insert their major problem} then its time to speak

to a member of the Easy Peasy team.

I understand everyone has a unique situation and chances are, you need a custom plan making. Thats why they set aside time available to talk to us all directly and help you find the solution for your situation.

Think of it as a “try before you buy” kinda deal.

If you need answer fast, they are there to help {LINK} 

To book a demo call, click on the link here {LINK}

{Your Name}

Email #2 Sequence (for marketing automations)


SUBJECT LINE: Important information for you {First Name} 


Just a quick heads up for you, {First Name}...

Easy Peasy Funnels is not just a place to build funnels… the networking and opportunities to meet other business owners too is worth the software cost alone!

So while you’re taking the time to work through my {insert lead magnet you sent - Choose form eBook or quiz results or training video} - why not make a coffee and treat yourself to some networking.

Most weeks I receive an email message from an Easy Peasy member. Some just say hello, some have become great friends and some have turned into long term customers.

Sign up to Easy Peasy Funnels now with this link {LINK}

See you tomorrow,

{Your Name}

Email #3 Sequence (for marketing automations)


SUBJECT LINE: Have you ever said this?


{First Name}

Have you ever said one of the following:

{insert 1-2 bullet points about why you joined Easy Peasy Funnels / what you hoped Easy Peasy Funnels would give you, or customise the following}

• I wish I could generate more leads on social media

• I’m tired of trying to find new customers

• I need to make more sales, fast!

I’m fed up trying to figure out complicated tech!
{repeat as necessary}

If the answer is yes - Easy Peasy Funnels can help.

I will explain more tomorrow, but in the meanwhile, if you want to jump on a call to really make the most of the Easy Peasy opportunity - click here or hit reply now {LINK}

Or, to signup now, click on the link here {LINK}


{Your Name}

Email #4 Sequence (for marketing automations)


SUBJECT LINE: This is how Easy Peasy Funnels can help.


First Name},

Let’s cut to the chase.

Easy Peasy Funnels helps you to get more eyes and ears on your digital business.

{insert your story why you love being a member of Easy Peasy Funnels so much}. And this is why I am so confident in Easy Peasy Funnels being the right platform to help you to {insert their major goal}.

For years I’ve dreamed of having access to a platform like this. It’s made my life so simple!! I’d love to help your business become easy peasy lemon squeezy too.

I’ve set aside some time this week to jump on a call with you. Click here to schedule a call


{Your Name}

Email #5 Sequence (for marketing automations)


SUBJECT LINE: [PLEASE READ] I think you’re missing something important.


I was just talking to Danny Clarke, Founder of Easy Peasy Funnels, about my business journey. I was in an almost identical situation to you right now.

{insert your own story of success or customise one of the following customer stories}

Dawn, when she joined, she needed a quick start to business to begin making money immediately after being let down by multiple platforms in the past. She jumped on to three Zoom room sessions in the first two weeks of joining... This helped her to build her first ever funnel that went on to generate over six figures in income.

Dan signed up... In his welcome call he said he learned more in 15 minutes with one of our coaches just seeing the the pipeline feature in the platform than he had in 12 weeks of coaching with a ‘well known’ coach who he had paid several thousands more to.

Deirdre had huge dreams to launch her very own coaching business alongside her Network Marketing business. She had been working hard to build her network Marketing business for 4 years and was ready to add an extra income stream to her business but she was unsure of what to do next. In less than a month she created her very first coaching offer... In just a few days she became a fully booked (and in demand) life coach after just 1 launch earning her several thousands.

Vera wanted to become a fully booked hair and makeup artist to help sell her products. She had been getting her daughter to use social media to advertise her work on her behalf as she didn’t have a clue where to start. Imagine that ... her 13 year old daughter was having to show her what to do. As soon as she started using Easy Peasy Funnels, she learnt clear, easy to follow steps that doubled her makeup business revenue in a matter of months.

And at the end of the call, I asked Danny, “What was the one thing that they did which made everything *click* for them?”

And do you know what he said?

They took a leap of faith.

And I get the feeling this might be just what you need too. Easy Peasy Funnels ticks all the boxes for you… But.

Are you worried about any of the following:

{insert concerns they might have or customise the following}
{Insert major concern number one}
{Insert major concern number two}
{Insert major concern number three}

It’s one of the things that makes this platform so incredible. It’s a marketing platform designed for digital business owners by digital business owners.

The best word I can to describe it is useful… really REALLY useful.

The templates are beautiful, the workshops events are really fun to attend. Plus, with all of the additional benefits, such as:

DFY Funnels
Social media scheduler
Campaign Builder
Tech support
And much much more

This is the perfect platform to help you to {Insert major goal}

To join, click on the link here {LINK}

{Your Name}